Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cain's Arcade

Our arcade is called the Extreme Bullseye. The Extreme Bullseye is an amazing game to play. My group and I think we did a fabulous job.

You need to put this orange ball onto this spoon we hotgloo gunned onto our box. Then you pull the spoon back towards yourself and fling the spoon and ball. Your ame is to hit the ball on to the bullseye. We had to use tape on the bullseye for our friction.

Our arcade has a lever as our simple machine. The box is acting like the fulcrum,  the load is the ball and the lever is the spoon. On our arcade we also have a inclined plane because when we pull the spoon  back it turns into a inclined plane.

My arcade needs a pull so that it would work properly and it also needs enough gravity for it to work. The extreme Bullseye needs air pressure for the ball to hit the bullseye. I think my group and I did a great job. I can improve my arcade by adding a hole on the box for the ball to drop in


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