Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Zoo Trip

As I walked into the tasmanian devil’s home with my group, no one could see anything but as I walked further I saw one tasmanian devil sleeping and looked just like a dog. It’s face was different, very  different but the tasmanian devil’s habitat was wet and very soggy. Next we looked at the snake necked turtle and they were so creepy.  If someone would look at them they kept poking their heads out at us.

Swimming through the nice cool breeze jumping, thumping and gliding was a enormous, dark brown seal. One seal was laying there just like it was getting a tan.  Next we went to the elephants.  There were only only and their names were Burma and Anjalee.  I could only see one elephant and I didn’t know what her or his name was because all elephants look the same.

Next me and Hena suggested to go and see the rabbits but they are  not at the zoo anymore but then Sarah wanted to go and see the orangutans but they are now in Christchurch.  I'm the one who said that they are in Christchurch. After that we went and saw the penguins. They were so cute but I kind of felt really bad for them because they had such a tiny area.

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